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Sikorsky Helicopters

On May 23, 1923 the "Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation" was founded near Roosevelt Field by Igor Sikorsky, an immigrant to the United States who was born in Kiev. In 1925 the company name was changed to "Sikorsky Manufacturing Company". In 1929 the company moved to Stratford, Connecticut and it became a part of United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (now United Technologies Corporation) in July of that year.


In the United States, Igor Sikorsky originally concentrated on the development of multi-engined landplanes and then amphibious aircraft. In the late 1930s, sales declined and United Aircraft merged his division with Vought Aircraft.[6] He then began work on developing a practical helicopter. After first flying the VS-300 he developed the Sikorsky R-4, the first stable, single-rotor, fully controllable helicopter to enter full-scale production in 1942, upon which most subsequent helicopters were based.


Sikorsky Aircraft remains a leading helicopter manufacturer, producing such well-known models as the UH-60 Black Hawk and SH-60 Seahawk, and experimental types like the Sikorsky S-72 X-Wing. Sikorsky has supplied the Presidential helicopter since 1957. Sikorsky's VH-3 and VH-60 perform this role now.


The company acquired Helicopter Support Inc. (HSI) in 1998. HSI handles non-U.S. government after-market support for parts and repair for the Sikorsky product lines.

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Sikorsky Aircraft


Sikorsky S-38 - 8-zits tweemotorige vliegboot (1928-1933)  •

Sikorsky S-43 - "Baby Clipper" tweemotorige amfibische vliegboot  • Sikorsky S-44 - viermotorige vliegboot (1937)


Sikorsky R-4 - 's Werelds eerste productiehelikopter (1940)  • Sikorsky R-6 Hoverfly II

Sikorsky S-55 - Helikopter voor meerdere doeleinden (1949)  •  Sikorsky S-58 - verbeterde S-55 (1954)  •

Sikorsky S-61 - Sikorsky CH-64 Skycrane - CH-54 Tarhe "vliegende kraan" (1962)  •

Sikorsky S-65 - CH-53 Sea Stallion, CH-53E Super Stallion heavy lift helikopters (1964, 1974)  •

Sikorsky S-70 - UH-60 Black Hawk, SH-60 Sea Hawk (1974)  • Sikorsky S-76 Spirit - 14-zits commerciële helikopter (1977)  •

Sikorsky S-92 en de militaire Sikorsky H-92  • Sikorsky X-2 •  Sikorsky S-97 Raider


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