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About Aircrafttotaal

Aircrafttotaal is an independent aircraft Encyclopedia, showing aircraft of all kind throughout history.

Aircrafttotaal is designed in a modern layout with beautiful colors,  it is designed  as a click and see encyclopedia therefore no real search engine is incorporated, just click your way through all the links provided.

For those who want to use a search engine a table form search is included see below.

All content has connections to Wikipedia and others.

Main features are several sections divided into parts for commercial, military, aerobatics aircraft and more. Also included are government aircraft like the Air Force one.

There are many aircraft included such as Wright Flyer B to Stealth and Drones of the future.

Also included are the engines, weapons and spacecraft of all kind.

There are technical specifications available for the early planes like the Wright Flyer or the later Avro aircraft used during the First World War or their competitors built by Fokker, and af course all the items have technical information available.

So, let’s enjoy Aircrafttotaal.


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