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Messerschmitt AG  was a German aircraft manufacturing corporation (AG) named after its chief designer Willy Messerschmitt and known primarily for its World War II fighter aircraft, in particular the Bf 109 and Me 262. The company survived in the post-war era, undergoing a number of mergers and changing its name from Messerschmitt to Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm before being bought by Deutsche Aerospace (DASA, now part of Airbus) in 1989.

For ten years after World War II, the company was not allowed to produce aircraft. One alternative the company came up with was the three-wheeled motorcycle/bubble car or Kabinenroller (cabinscooter) KR175 / KR200, designed by an aircraft engineer, Fritz Fend.



Aircraft types

Former type

AG, subsequently GmbH

Industry Aerospace

Fate Merged






Successor Messerschmitt-Bölkow GmbH (1968)

Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (1969)

Founded 1938

Defunct 1968

Headquarters Augsburg, Germany



Bf 108 Taifun (Typhoon)1934

Bf 109 September, 1935

Bf 110 12 May, 1936

Me 163 Komet (Comet) early 1941

Me 262 Schwalbe (Swallow) 18 July, 1942

Me 264 Amerika (America) 23 December, 1942

Me 321 7 March, 1941 large transport glider

Me 323 Gigant (Giant) Fall, 1941

Me 410 Hornisse (Hornet)1943
Hispano HA.1112 Buchon

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