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Kamov helicopters.


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Kamov helicopters

The Kamov Design Bureau (design office prefix Ka) has more recently specialised in compact helicopters with coaxial rotors, suitable for naval service and high-speed operations.

Kamov was founded by Nikolai Ilyich Kamov, who started building his first rotary-winged aircraft in 1929, together with N. K. Skrzhinskii. Up to the 1940s, they created many autogyros, including the TsAGI A-7-3, the only armed autogyro to see (limited) combat action.


From 2002 AFK Sistema controlled a 51% stake in the company, with MiG controlling the remaining 49%. Kamov was sold to Oboronprom in 2005.


Kamov merged with Mil and Rostvertol to form Russian Helicopters. The Kamov brand name was retained, though the new company dropped overlapping product lines.


Kamov JSC (Russian: Камов) is a Russian rotorcraft manufacturing company based in Lyubertsy, Russia.

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Kamov helicopters

Helicopter Models Millitary

    Ka-8 Ka-10 Ka-15 Ka-20 Ka-22 Ka-25 Ka-27 Ka-28 Ka-31 Ka-32 Ka-35 Ka-40 Ka-50 Ka-52 Ka-60 Ka-137

Civilian Helicopters
    Ka-18 Ka-26 Ka-37 Ka-62 Ka-115 Ka-126



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