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The Fokker F27 Friendship is a turboprop airliner developed and manufactured by the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.

Fokker F27 Friendship

The F27 was developed during the early 1950s with the expressed intent of producing a capable successor to the earlier piston engine-powered airliners that had become commonplace on the market, such as the successful Douglas DC-3. A key innovation of the F27 was the adoption of the Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop engine, which produced substantially less vibration and noise which provided improved conditions for passengers; another major comfort feature was cabin pressurisation. Innovative manufacturing techniques were also employed in the aircraft's construction.


On 24 November 1955, the F27 performed its maiden flight; on 19 November 1958, the type was introduced to revenue service. Shortly after its introduction, the F27 was recognised as being a commercial success. Under a licensing arrangement reached between Fokker and the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Fairchild, the F27 was manufactured in the United States by the latter; Fairchild went on to independently develop a stretched version of the airliner, which was designated as the Fairchild FH-227. During the 1980s, Fokker developed a modernised successor to the F27, the Fokker 50, which eventually replaced it in production.


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As of July 2010 a total of 65 F27s were in commercial service with almost 30 different airlines. By July 2013, only 25 Friendships remained in service, operated by 13 different airlines; most of these were F27-500s, with two -400s and a solitary -600 series aircraft in service. Italian cargo airline MiniLiner operated six F27s and Air Panama had four in its fleet. The United States Army Parachute Team has operated a single C-31A Troopship for conducting its skydiving exhibitions since 1985. As of July 2017, 11 aircraft remain in service operated by 7 airlines

Fokker F27 Friendship


F27-300M Troopship - Military transport version for Royal Netherlands Air Force.

F27 Maritime Enforcer - Armed maritime reconnaissance version

F-27 - License-built version manufactured by Fairchild Hiller in the United States

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  • History

    Role Airliner

    National origin Netherlands

    Manufacturer Fokker

    First flight 24 November 1955

    Introduction 19 November 1958

    Status Out of production, in active service

    Produced 1955–1987

    Number built 586

    Unit cost -500: US$1.6M (1972)

    Variants Fairchild F-27/FH-227

    Developed into Fokker 50

  • General Info

    Crew: 2 or 3

    Capacity: 48-56 passengers

    Length: 25.06 m (82 ft 3 in)

    Wingspan: 29 m (95 ft 2 in)

    Height: 8.72 m (28 ft 7 in)

    Wing area: 70 m2 (750 sq ft)

    Empty weight: 11,204 kg (24,701 lb)

    Max takeoff weight: 19,773 kg (43,592 lb)

    Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce Dart Mk.532-7 two-stage centrifugal compressor turboprop, 1,678 kW (2,250 hp) each

  • Performance



    Cruise speed: 460 km/h (286 mph; 248 kn)

    Range: 2,600 km (1,616 mi; 1,404 nmi)

    Rate of climb: 7.37 m/s (1,451 ft/min)


Fokker F27 Friendship


The Fokker F27 Friendship is a turboprop airliner developed and manufactured by the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker. It has the distinction of being the most numerous post-war aircraft to have been manufactured in the Netherlands; the F27 was also one of the most successful European airliners of its era.


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