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The Travel Air Manufacturing Company was an aircraft manufacturer established in Wichita, Kansas, United States in January 1925 by Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech, and Lloyd Stearman.

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation is an American-based, global diversified product manufacturer and service provider for the commercial, industrial, defense, and energy markets. Created in 1929 from the consolidation of Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company, (founded January 1916 by Glenn Hammond Curtiss) Wright Aeronautical (founded by Glenn L. Martin and Orville Wright as Wright-Martin), and various supplier companies, by the end of World War II it was the largest aircraft manufacturer in the United States, supplying whole aircraft in large numbers to the U.S. Armed Forces. It has since evolved away from final assembly of finished aircraft, becoming a component manufacturer specializing in actuators, aircraft controls, valves, and surface treatment services. It also is a supplier to commercial nuclear power, nuclear navy systems, industrial vehicles and to the oil and gas industries.

Industry  Aerospace


Oil and Gas

Nuclear Power Generation

General Industrial and other various industry

Predecessor  Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company, Wright Aeronautical, and related companies

Founded  Buffalo, New York, 1929

Headquarters  Charlotte, North Carolina, US

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Curtiss/Wright Aircraft


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