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The Canadair CL-66 was a turboprop version of the civilian Convair CV-440 Metropolitan.


Canadair CC-144 Challenger

Design and development

The Canadair CL-66 was a turboprop version of the civilian Convair CV-440 Metropolitan. The CC-109 Cosmopolitan or "Cosmo" in RCAF service became the standard VIP aircraft as well as replacing the Douglas Dakota and the North American B-25 Mitchell in light transport duties. After a lengthy career stretching into the 1990s, the CC-109 was replaced by the CC-142 Dash 8 and CC-144 Challenger.
With the close of production of the Convair CV-440 in San Diego, Canadair acquired the rights to the design along with the jigs, tooling and even three unsold 440s. With the availability of a Napier Eland turboprop conversion, the re-engined CV-440s became the CV-540, an all-cargo variant.


In 1958, the RCAF wanted to replace their aging C-47 Dakotas with a turbo powered aircraft. Their choice was the Vickers Viscount, but the Canadian government decided against this aircraft. Instead, Canadair offered a series of CV-540 variants powered by Napier Eland turboprops. The project was given the number CL-66 and three versions were considered. The CL-66A was to be a 48/64 passenger aircraft. The CL-66B designed to be a cargo/passenger configuration with a payload of 14200 lb. The CL-66C used the Convair-built CV-440s, having only their new engines fitted at Canadair.

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Royal Canadian Air Force

Canadian Forces

used at CFB Lahr in support for Canadian operations for NATO and NORAD in Europe


Canadair CC-109 Cosmopolitan

No. 412 Squadron at CFB Ottawa (S), or "Uplands" flew the "Cosmo", from 1960 to 1994 as VIP transport. The Cosmopolitan aircraft were also deployed to Europe for Canadian NATO contingent support as well as to the US in support of Canadian NORAD operations.

Canadair CC-109 Cosmopolitan: See below

  • History

    Role transport aircraft

    Manufacturer Canadair

    First flight 2 February 1959

    Introduction 1960

    Retired 1994

    Primary users Royal Canadian Air Force

    Canadian Forces

  • General Info

    Produced 1959, 1966 (reconfigured variant)

    Number built 13

    Unit cost

    CV540 (used) - $880,000 CL-66B (new) - $2,000,000

    Developed from Convair 440

    Variants Convair 540


  • Performance

    Crew: three or four

    Capacity: 64 passengers

    Payload: 14,300 lb (6,486 kg)

    Length: 81 ft 6 in (24.84 m)

    Wingspan: 105 ft 4 in (32.12 m)

    Height: 28 ft 2 in (8.49 m)
    Powerplant: 2 × Napier Eland turboprops, 3,500 ehp (2,611 kW) each
    Maximum speed: 340 mph (296 knots, 547 km/h)


Canadair CC-109 Cosmopolitan


The Bombardier Challenger 600 series is a family of business jets. It was first produced by Canadair as an independent company and then produced from 1986 by Canadair as a division of Bombardier Aerospace.


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