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British Hawker Siddeley  Aircraft

Many aircraft types have served in the British Royal Air Force since its formation in April 1918 from the merger of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service. This is a list of RAF aircraft, including all currently active and retired types. For just those aircraft currently in service. Aircraft operated with the Fleet Air Arm from 1924 until 1939 were operated by the Royal Air Force on behalf of the Navy and are included; those operated by the Royal Navy after it re-acquired control of the aircraft used to support its operations in 1939 are not, but all aircraft operated in conjunction with the Navy are listed at List of aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm. Army Air Corps aircraft are not included but can be found at List of aircraft of the Army Air Corps.

Here you can find all entries of Hawker Siddeley aircraft that where in service with the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom.

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British Commercial  Aircraft.

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British WW1 / WW2  Aircraft.

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British Hawker / deHavilland Aircraft.

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British Training Aircraft.


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British Transport Aircraft.


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British Millitary Aircraft.

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