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'The Dam Busters"


Between the wars

According to the squadron's entry in Flying Units of the RAF by Alan Lake, No. 617 Squadron was allocated the unit identification code MZ for the period April to September 1939, even though the unit did not actually exist at the time.


Second World War

The squadron was formed under great secrecy at RAF Scampton during the Second World War on 21 March 1943. It included Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force personnel and was formed for the specific task of attacking three major dams that contributed water and power to the Ruhr industrial region in Germany: the Möhne, Eder and Sorpe. The plan was given the codename Operation Chastise and carried out on 17 May 1943. The squadron had to develop the tactics to deploy Barnes Wallis's "Bouncing bomb", and undertook some of its training over the dams of the Upper Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, as the towers on the dam walls were similar to those to be found on some of the target dams in Germany


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Aircraft:  Weapons

Tallboy 4500 kg. / Grandslamm 10.000 Kg.

Wallis Bouncing Bomb Rotating Bomb
M.O.A.B. Mother of all Bombs 10.000 Kg.

Mk.82/83/84 General purpose bombs
Paveway II


 Sidwinder AIM 9L Short-range air-to-air missile

Sidewinder AIM 9 Short-range air-to-air missile /
Sparrow AIM 7, Long-range air-to-air missile

ASRAAM Short-range air-to-air missile /
AMRAAM Long-range air-to-air missile

MBDA MICA Multirole -range air-to-air missile /
Rafael Python 5 Short range air to air

Missiles:  Cruise missiles


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