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UH-1H: Improved UH-1D with a Lycoming T53-L-13 engine of 1,400 shp (1,000 kW). 5435 built.


Bell P-39A Airacobra

Design and development

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois (nicknamed "Huey") is a utility military helicopter powered by a single turboshaft engine, with two-blade main and tail rotors. The first member of the prolific Huey family, it was developed by Bell Helicopter to meet a United States Army's 1952 requirement for a medical evacuation and utility helicopter, and first flew in 1956. The UH-1 was the first turbine-powered helicopter to enter production in 1960 for the United States military, and more than 16,000 have been built since.


The Iroquois was originally designated HU-1, hence the Huey nickname, which has remained in common use, despite the official redesignation to UH-1 in 1962 The UH-1 first saw service in combat operations during the Vietnam War, with around 7,000 helicopters deployed. The Bell 204 and 205 are Iroquois versions developed for the civil market.


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The US Army phased out the UH-1 with the introduction of the UH-60 Black Hawk, although the Army UH-1 Residual Fleet had around 700 UH-1s that were to be retained until 2015, primarily in support of Army Aviation training at Fort Rucker and in selected Army National Guard units. Army support for the craft was intended to end in 2004. The UH-1 Huey was retired from active Army service in 2005.[27] In 2009, Army National Guard retirements of the UH-1 accelerated with the introduction of the UH-72 Lakota. The final UH-1 was retired in 2016.


Bell 39 Airacobra


UH-1H: Improved UH-1D with a Lycoming T53-L-13 engine of 1,400 shp (1,000 kW). 5435 built

 Bell Aircraft
Bell P-39 Airacobra

Israel withdrew its UH-1s from service in 2002, after thirty three years of service. They were replaced by Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters beginning with an initial batch of 10 delivered in 1994. While some were passed on to pro-Israeli militias in Lebanon, eleven other UH-1Ds were reportedly sold to a Singapore-based logging company but were, instead, delivered in October 1978 to the Rhodesian Air Force to skirt the UN endorsed embargo imposed during the Rhodesian Bush War.

  • History

    Role Utility helicopter

    National origin United States

    Manufacturer Bell Helicopter

    First flight 20 October 1956 (XH-40)

    Introduction 1959


  • Users

    Status In service

    Primary users United States Army (historical)

    Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

    Australian Army (historical)

    See Operators section for others

    Produced 1956–1987


  • General Info

    Number built >16,000

    Variants Bell UH-1N Twin Huey

    Bell 204/205

    Bell 212

    Developed into Bell AH-1 Cobra

    Bell 214
    Bell UH-1D Huey


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