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Fokker was a Dutch aircraft manufacturer named after its founder, Anthony Fokker.

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Fokker was a Dutch aircraft manufacturer named after its founder, Anthony Fokker. The company operated under several different names. It was founded in 1912 in Schwerin, Germany, and became famous for its fighter aircraft in World War I. After the war, it moved to the Netherlands in 1919.

Fokker Aircraft

At age 20, while studying in Germany, Anthony Fokker built his initial aircraft, the Spin (Spider)—the first Dutch-built plane to fly in his home country. Taking advantage of better opportunities in Germany, he moved to Berlin, where in 1912, he founded his first company, Fokker Aeroplanbau, later moving to the Görries suburb just southwest of Schwerin (at 53°36′45.90″N 11°22′31.60″E), where the current company was founded, as Fokker Aviatik GmbH, on 12 February 1912

Created in 1912

Industry Aerospace
Founded 22 February 1912
Founder Anthony Fokker
Defunct 1996
Fate Bankruptcy
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Key people Anthony Fokker, Reinhold Platz, Walter Rethel
Products Commercial airliners
Military aircraft

Anthony Fokker aircraft out of production. 

Fokker Aircraft
Fokker WW1 Fokker Spin / Fokker E.1 / Fokker D.VII / Fokker Dr.1 Dreidekker / BAT FK23 Bantam Fokker WW2 Fokker D.XXI/ Fokker Gr.1 / Fokker C.V / Koolhoven FK.51 / Fokker T8 Fokker Commercial Fokker F.VII Trimotor; Fokker F28 Fellowship; / Fokker F27 Friendship / Fokker F50 / Fokker F70 / Fokker F100 Fokker Trainer Aircraft Fokker S.11 Instructor / Fokker S.14 Machtrainer / Fokker H3 Sprinter

Aircraft famous aircraft.

Fokker famous aircraft.
In 1915, the Fokker E.I was the first fighter armed with a synchronized machine gun firing through the propeller, achieving air superiority during the Fokker Scourge. Manfred von Richthofen ("The Red Baron," the top scoring World War I ace) is associated with an all-red Fokker Dr.I triplane, at least for some of his 80 victories (1917–1918) The 1918 Fokker D.VII performed so well that surrender of all examples of the type was demanded when Germany capitulated. In 1923, Oakley George Kelly and John Arthur Macready completed the first non-stop flight spanning the North American continent in a Fokker T-2. In 1927, Richard E. Byrd completed his trans-Atlantic flight from New York City to Paris in the Fokker F.VII America. In 1928, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger in a Fokker F.VII. In 1928, Charles Kingsford-Smith completed the first trans-Pacific flight in another F.VII, the Southern Cross. Finnish pilot Jorma Sarvanto shot down six Soviet Ilyushin DB-3s in a quick succession using a Fokker D.XXI fighter during the Winter War, drawing international attention. The 1951 Fokker S.14 Machtrainer was one of the first purpose-built jet training aircraft in the world. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was a co-pilot about twice per month for 21 years on commercial KLM Cityhopper and Martinair flights flying Fokker 70 aircraft

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Fokker Aviation amazing aircraft of the past.

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